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Blessing read at the PHA 3/10/18 legislative meeting at SDC


This is a sacred time,

gathering here on the cusp of change,

this is in-between time,

like dusk on a summer night,

This moment

holds opposites of light and dark,

clarity and obscurity

tears and hope.

This is mystery time,

standing with one hand

on the garden gate:

behind us the familiar,

the comfortable and

perhaps even still, the preferred,

We have to pause

breathe deeply

and take a moment

to declare our blessings.

We declare ourselves to be blessed

by the mother of all hearts,

the earth, this land, beneath our feet.

This land participates in beatific visions

with dancing clouds and sun,

wind and rain, colored leaves

countless miraculous flowers in Spring

wild animals and ancient wisdom trees.

This land has been gentle shock absorber

for countless upset and restless steps,

healer, sustainer, home to incredible diversity of life,

open space, farm and camp.

We declare this land to be a sacred blessing.

We declare ourselves to be blessed

by the people of the heart who have lived here at SDC.

Men and women with oceanic compassion

incapable of judgement,

who like us feel shame, regret and pride,

who grieve, and love and laugh,

Men and women who inexplicably give back more than they ever receive from those who care for them.

These people of the heart share the humanity

and dignity of all humankind.

The bond of trust we have with them is sacred.

We declare ourselves to be blessed

by those heroes of the heart

who are parents and family members

of the men and women

who have lived at SDC.

Families who faithfully included their

loved one in family life as best they could,

who have not wavered in dedication

advocacy and support

especially by membership in the

Parent Hospital Association.

The faithful bond between families

and their loved one residing at SDC

has been sacred and must not be diminished.

We declare ourselves to be blessed

by those heroes of the heart

who’s amazing capacity for commitment,

cooperation, creativity, fun, organization, professional expertise, and constant loving care

have enabled this institution

to be a home for all these years.

Adding music, parties, musical productions and parades,

Evacuating during a crises,

and more so reorganizing on their return,

these heroes of the heart have enabled persons

to live as much as 70 years past their

life expectancy.

Every task of caring effort

in every small moment is blessing

and is sacred in our hearts.

We declare to be blessing those heroes of the heart

in the larger community who we honor here today.

Individuals who have dedicated their precious life’s time

in service to the common good,

who work to preserve

to evolve

to protect

and to enable

all that is good, healthy, life-giving

and society-enhancing in this valley.

The bond of trust these heroes of the heart

have with all of us is sacred.

We have to admit we sometimes

hear whispering voices of ancient ghosts

who would speak of the suffering

imposed on them in ignorance or worse

by caretakers of another time.

We pause to tell you ghosts

our regret and our sorrow

for whatever has trapped you here,

We encourage you to trust the light

that calls you.

May you finally know freedom,

healing, and warm peace

So many blessings!

Our backpacks are full of blessings.

we look ahead at the path before us,

see mist hanging in the woods

and promise of sunlight

later in the day.

We have a sacred bond with all our blessings

and we must not trash what we treasure

Here at the garden gate

these blessings are not contained by time.

They are our story our legacy and our future

as much as they are meant

to warm our hands on future frosty nights.

We may not always take perfect steps

and we may not always know perfect solutions.

Still we chose to move forward with courage and faith

We ask for steady steps, wise caution and creative progress, deep wisdom and an ever increasing capacity for love,

In all our efforts,

may we know the true, deep, and overflowing joy

that comes from knowing our life’s work

contributes to a better world

for those who follow.


Chaplain Noelani Sheckler-Smith BCC