FAU/PHA 3/14/20 Legislative Meeting Cancellation

Because so many of our members and family members are elderly and have underlying medical conditions, combined with reduced attendance due to caution, the board has reluctantly decided to cancel the 3/14 meeting. This is a difficult decision for many reasons. We are not dealing with probabilities. We are dealing with a heightened level of risk that is not clear. But under the circumstances, cancellation is prudent. 

We will not be able to make the same impact without the annual meeting in March. We have successfully persuaded legislators to take up our issues due to the personal stories and family advocacy. But, attendance has been a factor in influencing our representatives. It has become plain over the past few days that some members felt that they could not attend out of an abundance of caution.

The state budget is being firmed up over the next two to three months. We are inclined to wait at least a couple of weeks to see where things are heading before we make a decision about another legislative meeting date. Hanna is reserved for an FAU/ PHA meeting on 6/13. That might be a practical option. 

Subcommittees have produced proposals that we planned to present on 3/14 regarding safety net, dental, and spiritual services.The people involved in preparing proposals will present them to our legislative allies in the next week or two. We will forward those proposals in a separate message.

We regret any inconvenience this causes.

Brien, President

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